A community of positive, supportive athletes and trainers, Battle Axe CrossFit is a place where success happens. 


Our team of CrossFit certified coaches are committed to providing the highest quality training experience to every member regardless of age and fitness level.  We’ll help you identify your goals, work to overcome any obstacles, and tailor a fitness regimen for you—the absolute beginner or accomplished athlete.

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Dave Solo,
Owner/CF-L2 Trainer/USAW-SP

Dave tried the sport of CrossFit in 2012 and was immediately hooked.  "The secret to staying fit is finding what works for you.  It’s incredible to see how CrossFit works for so many people, me included.  At 50 years old I’m in the best shape of my life." Dave continues to grow in this sport as an athlete, competitor and coach because of his commitment to strength and fitness.  Dave will help motivate you to challenge your mind and body through a tailored training program that works for you.

Elizabeth “Biff" Lowe, CF-L1 Trainer

"I can do things now I never thought possible. I believe in strength, confidence, healthy living and helping others get there too.” ~Coach Elizabeth “Biff" Lowe.


When first introduced to the idea of CrossFit, and before stepping into a 'box', Biff felt absolutely certain she could NOT do it.  She couldn't do a push-up, pull-up or lift weights. 


Biff quickly realized Crossfit will change you.  It will change your physique. It will change your attitude toward yourself and your life. It will increase your desire to be active.  It will cause you to laugh and smile and be happy. 


When asked about her favorite CrossFit benchmark workout, Biff is torn.  “I like Barbara because you can take her almost anywhere, but Helen is little more fun!”


Milos Mikic, CF-L2 Trainer, Fitness Consultant

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana Milos moved to Memphis 2015 to attend the University of Memphis pursuing his Health and Human Performance degree. Milos ran track at Indiana University before enlisting in the Marine Corps. He first heard of CrossFit while on deployment in Iraq. He took the next step in his CrossFit journey by getting his Level-1 and Endurance Certifications in early 2015 and has been coaching ever since. When he’s not coaching or nerding it up in exercise physiology, he enjoys hanging out with his German Shepherd and playing with his favorite person on earth, Kaley.

You can find Milos inspiring others at CrossFit Blackbuck

Carol Solo
Owner/CF-L1 Trainer

"I love to cook.  And eat.  And have fun!" 


A competitive track athlete in her younger years, rock climber and cyclist, Carol tried just about everything to stay in shape and in control of her weight as she got older.  In 2012, she, along with her husband and BAX co-owner Dave, was introduced to CrossFit and the Paleo lifestyle and since then she hasn't looked back.


Within six months of CrossFit and the adoption of an 80/20 Paleo diet, Carol was stronger, leaner and in the best shape of her life. "I look forward to sharing my personal experience with nutrition and helping people improve their fitness and overall health. It really makes sense – practice functional movements, eat real food and see results. If you are willing to commit, you can change your life for the better whether you are 17 or 70."  

Lindsay Goren, CF-L1 Trainer


Ryan Meyer, CF-L1 Trainer
Ben Rinehart, CF-L1 Trainer

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