What is Battle Axe CrossFit in Collierville?
Do I need experience or some minimum level of fitness?

No! Just get started. Our workouts and exercises scale to any level – from broomsticks to barbells, we’ll tailor the workout to your ability.

Is CrossFit for athletes only?

CrossFit is for EVERYONE! We focus on functional movements. These functional movements are essential human movements that we use every day. Any movement and any workout can be scaled to fit each individuals needs. Bottom line, everyone will benefit from CrossFit….even Grandma.

What kinds of clientele do you currently work with?

We have been lucky enough to work with a diverse group of individuals. We have members that vary in size, shape, age, strength, ethnicity, etc., as well, our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including corporate executives, teachers, medical professionals, firemen, policemen, military, moms, dads, children, all walks of life.

What is WOD?

WOD stands for “Workout of the Day.”

What types of movements/exercises will I be doing?

You will first be learning nine foundational functional movements. Then you will learn how to perform bodyweight exercise and weight training. We use kettlebells, barbells, bumpers, gymnastic movements, Olympic lifts, bands, rings, rowers, medicine balls, and more.

What is the Class Structure like?

Classes are approximately 1 hour. The first 15 minutes are dedicated to warm-up, and mobility work. We then go through some skill work that may contain gymnastics, strength, or Cardio. Finally the group WOD is reviewed and performed (this lasts between 5-25 min depending on the WOD). The remainder of the time is left for cool-down or skill work.

How often should I do CrossFit?

We program WODs Monday-Saturday at Battle Axe CrossFit. For newcomers, we recommend two days on, followed by one day off. Once you are acclimated to the training we encourage three days on followed by one day off for best results.

How long will it take to see results?

This really depends on YOU, are you willing to work. If you are willing to change your nutrition and start exercising immediately, then you could achieve results in a few weeks. You will start to see physical changes in 4 weeks. Some see changes much quicker. Changes include experiencing more energy throughout the day, weight loss, better sleep, superior focus, and less stress after only a few sessions.

Do I have to be in shape before I can start CrossFit?

No. You get to learn the important fundamentals right off the bat. This will allow you to develop a great base. Exercising without coaching can lead to improper form, muscular imbalances, and higher risk for injury.

How does CrossFit improve my athletic performance?

The Battle Axe CrossFit goal is a total strength and conditioning. It is perfect for athletes wanting improvement in a specialized sport. We will make you a complete athlete, targeting all 10 general physical skills: Cardio- Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Speed, Power, Coordination, Accuracy, Agility and Balance. Training these 10 skills will propel you to the next level. Learn how to eat right, get stronger, be more explosive, move faster, increase flexibility, and increase mental toughness to become a complete athlete!

Will I get bulky doing CrossFit?

This is the biggest fear that most women have when exercising. Our program will help you burn fat and increase lean muscle mass. This results in a lean and “toned” body much like a dancer, and not like a bodybuilder

I can’t do CrossFit because I have back problems and/or knee problems.

Many people hurt or tweak their lower backs, knees, shoulders, etc. and are afraid to exercise those areas. CrossFit can actually be used as rehab for injuries. Many people have come to us, unable to Squat (get yourself up from a seated position), Deadlift (picking up your groceries), Press (putting something up on a shelf). CrossFit teaches you how to move properly and exercise with correct mechanics, which in turn helps you regain functional capacity.

Is CrossFit safe? I heard you can get injured doing CrossFit, is this true?

CrossFit is safe when done correctly. In the CrossFit 101 class we teach you proper mechanics for these functional movements, and continue to review them in the regular group setting, as safety is a priority for us. Remember, any activity can result in injury. CrossFit is safer than most activities because we incorporate movements your body is MEANT to do.

What if I can’t do the Workout of the Day?

One of the core principles of our training philosophy is that we can scale each workout to your ability level. The workouts listed on our daily blog are merely a template. If there are movements you cannot yet perform or are avoiding due to previous injury, your coach will help you find a proper substitution that will allow you to participate and still increase your fitness. Our experienced coaching staff is prepared to help members of all ability levels get the most out of the daily programs.

What is the difference between doing the workouts on my own or doing them at Battle Axe CrossFit?​

The most important part is coaching. Having a knowledgeable coach with you during your training will reduce the risk of injury, improve your fitness faster, and fix bad mechanics. Also time is spent on mobility and stretching for injury prevention. A big part of CrossFit is community, family, and camaraderie. Having a good base of positive people around you is the best environment to train in. Not only will you be pushed harder because of the support from everyone, but you will have a great time doing it. If you visit Battle Axe CrossFit, you will see that the energy is high, everyone is encouraging, and everyone really cares about each other.

I have already done CrossFit at another facility. Do I still have to do CrossFit 101?

If you have been a member of a registered affiliate for at least three months you can become a member of Battle Axe without taking our CrossFit 101 program. If you have less than three months experience we require a test-out to join the main classes. Please contact us if you are unsure where you should start.

What is your Drop-In Policy?​

We welcome all visitors! We require three months previous strength and conditioning experience to drop into one of our CrossFit classes. The fee to drop in is $25/visit. For those who are visiting for an extended period of time, we offer several short term memberships including a one week unlimited pass. We do not require advance registration for drop-ins. Please contact us for more information

How much is your monthly membership?

Our prices depend on your membership type. All of our monthly membership options are for unlimited classes. For more information, visit Schedule & Rates

Why is the monthly membership fee so much higher than a regular gym membership?

What you are paying for at Battle Axe is expert programming and high quality coaches. Our programs are designed to be as effective as possible while keeping your safety in mind. Every time you come to the gym you will be under the supervision of a certified coach. Continuing education and personal development are at the core of our beliefs. Read more about our coaches. Think of a membership at Battle Axe as an affordable alternative to personal training

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